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The Golden Ratio

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I am a woodworker and use the concept of Golden Ratios in my wood projects all the time. For years I used a free app which functions very similarly to this one—input the known dimension, with the short or long length and the app would provide the correct ratio. It went away, so I created this one.


This app is straightforward. Select which ratio you would like: Golden, Silver, or Bronze (there are others, these ratios are the most used). Provide the known dimension, either the short side or long side and press calculate, and the app will provide the other proportion of the ratio you have selected.

You can view the results of the calculation in inches (well, feet too), centimeters, or millimeters dynamically, just select how you would like to view the results.

Please keep in mind that I chose to round up the result to the nearest 10th as this app is designed to provide a value to meet the eye rather than an engineering exactitude.

The Golden Ratio does a simple task, and you do not need access to the Internet to use it!

Happy Woodworking!

Garage Record

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The design of this record-keeping app is modular. Most times, when I go to the shop to get one of my vehicles serviced, I cannot afford the long laundry list of service suggestions, so I pick and choose and schedule others for a later service. This modularity of record-keeping is the idea behind this app.

Create a vehicle record by tapping “Add Vehicle”. You can change the icon now by tapping the icon button at the top of the screen, or later by swiping right on the vehicle record.

Tap on the vehicle record row in the main home screen, which takes you to the “Service Records” screen, and choose the service component by tapping on one of the blue buttons for the service record you want to record. Service Records are listed by date, the newest at the top—swipe left on a record to delete the record from the database.

At the bottom of the Service Record screen, the large blue button, “Service Notes”, which takes you to the “Service Notes” screen. Here you will find a list of the service notes for this particular vehicle, the latest notes are at the top of the list—swipe left on a note to delete a note from the database.

Privacy information, Export Records and Notes, and the ability to delete all data and reset the app can be found in the settings menu by tapping on the “hamburger” icon or swiping right on the main, Home screen.


—Mark Spaulding
Founder, Foundation Software
Golden Ratio
Garage Record

Payment Record

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I wrote this app as I need a way to track a loan accurately. It was quite a learning experience as typical variables like integers and doubles are not accurate enough for financial accounting. Thankfully, Apple provides some fantastic tools for doing essential and highly accurate financial calculations.

The instructions are simple:
• Provide the amount you want to track
• Provide the annual interest rate
• Provide the number of months you wish to track payments.

The app will take care of the math, you add payments or monthly interest accrual, and the app will calculate the result and place them in the ledger.

The Amortization Schedule will show the declining principal and interest payments for the numbers months you want to track.

I hope you find it useful.

Sharing Dutch

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Sharing Dutch (i.e., splitting the bill) will divide the amount entered by the number of people.

Slide to select the number of people, the default is two, and slide to choose the tip rate, the default is 20%.

Choosing one person, and the app is a tip calculator.

Choose between 0 and 50% for tips and between 1 and 20 people.

Lastly, the app defaults to local currency, and tapping ‘Select Currency’ presents a scrollable list of the currency options by county. (Who knew there were so many!) This selection is saved until a new selection is made.
Sharing Dutch

Church Register

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The Church Register App is designed to track and record a congregation’s worship registry on your iPhone or iPad. It is the App that I have had in my head since returning to coding several years ago.

Note that this is version 1.0 of the App and I do have plans for future updates, including exporting the registry to a CSV file or PDF, among other features. I wanted to get this version out before the new year so clergy can start to input a full year’s worship statistics and then utilize future feature updates as they become available.

At a glance, the Registry Screen (second Tab Bar icon from the left) will provide all the worship attendance numbers and statistics you need for the annual Episcopal Church Parochial Report, including the current Average Sunday Attendance (ASA). No more carrying numbers from page to page, or sitting at the end of the year with the red Registry book and a calculator! Of course, presiders/officiants and preachers cannot sign the app, so I expect the book will need to be maintained in the sacristy or vestry for signatures.


The first time the App launches, the app will take you to the Set-up screen (third Tab Bar icon from the left) which currently maintains the congregation’s name and address information. This saved information will be used in future reports. Saving the Set-up information will allow future start-ups of the app to go directly to the Enter Data screen (first Tab Bar icon on the left).

Scroll the wheels to select the date and time of the service to record and then scroll the wheel to select the service to record. Note that the fields to record attendance and communion will hide or become visible depending on the service chosen. I did not include “Sunday and Saturday Evening Holy Eucharist” as I assumed clergy knew Sunday also included Saturday evening, and the app will automatically include them in the serial statistics for the report.

If recording a eucharistic visit or home communion, flip the switch and provide attendance and communion figures. The app will automatically take care of recording all the serial statistics.

The Submit button will turn read again to remind the user to input an attendance count, empty all the entry fields, and return the service section to “Select Service.” I chose to leave the date selection alone, as I expect users will want add multiple services on a given day.

For suggestions or bug reports, please send requests to the web page link below.



Senior Priest, Holy Cross Episcopal Church
Castro Valley CA
Diocese of California

Holy Cross Guide App

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The Holy Cross Guide app is designed to give a 30,000--foot view of our ministries and campus at Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Castro Valley California. It is not intended to be all-encompassing, there are numerous pictures and text content about our ministries and programs on the Holy Cross Web site.

The notes pages on the app provide a secure place to jot down your thoughts and questions about that particular program, ministry or space. The Realm database that contains these personal notes is stored on the phone and at no time is ever uploaded to an online server by the app.

Church Register
Holy Cross Guide

Episcopal Prayer List

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I originally wanted to call this app My Prayers, only to discover the name is already taken. Lesson learned!

This simple app is designed to provide users with a place to write down their prayers. The app also allows users to set up to four separate times in the day to remember their prayers. This setting utilizes the iOS notifications system and is set to repeat the notifications daily.

I chose to create the app with four times as the traditional monastic hours of prayer are: Morning Prayer at 7 AM, Noon Day Prayers at noon, Evening Prayers at 5 PM, and Night Prayers, also known as Compline, is a 9 PM

Instructions for use 

• Prayer List

The opening screen is where prayers are listed. A new prayer can be added by tapping the traditional new note icon in the right-hand corner.
Swipe left to delete a prayer for the list and swipe right to edit.

The trash can on the left to delete all prayers and once. The user is warned before the delete action is executed to cancel if the tap was by accident.

• Settings

Tap into a field will bring up a picker to select a time. Tap a trash can to delete the time to its left.

Schedule the selected 1 - 4 times with the button directly below the input fields.

The two buttons at the bottom of the screen delete all the scheduled notifications, and the bottom button shows which reminders are scheduled: morning, noon, evening, and/or night.

• Daily Devotions

Finally, the middle icon from the Prayer List screen takes the user to Daily Devotions. These simple one-page devotions are from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer (1979), which are designs to be prayed by individuals in their daily routine.

I hope you find this app supports your prayer journey.

(The Rev.) Mark Spaulding

Senior Priest
Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Castro Valley CA

Magdalene Prayer

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The inspiration for this app comes from an adult education program we had at Holy Cross on prayer. My dear friend and colleague at Holy Cross, The Rev. Martha Kuhlmann, brought her Mary Magdalene Anglican prayer beads to share with our group. I was so taken by the thought of a prayer bead meditation tool around one of my patron saints, Mary Magdalene, I immediately set out to create this app, as I was not inclined to haul around prayer beads with me wherever I go, and my phone is always with me! A perfect match!

The genesis of Anglican Prayer Beads is a gift to the world from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in the later 20th century. Unlike its Roman Catholic cousin, the Anglican version has 33 beads, divided into four groups of seven beads called weeks.

The image I chose for each day of the weeks is a red egg. This egg image is to pay homage to the wonderful story of Mary of Magdala sharing the gospel with Caesar. The Roman Ruler declared that Jesus could no more rise from the dead than the egg Mary held could turn to red. And before their eyes, it turned bright red.

The prayers I chose for this app are the prayers that are regularly on my heart. The app is designed to provide space to tap and pray! I specifically decided not to add any background music, so there is no concern of disturbing other passengers on a daily commute.

I hope you can find space in your day to say your prayers.

Magdalene Prayers

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