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The Golden Ratio

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I am a woodworker and use the concept of Golden Ratios in my wood projects all the time. For years I used a free app which functions very similarly to this one—input the known dimension, with the short or long length and the app would provide the correct ratio. It went away, so I created this one.


This app is straightforward. Select which ratio you would like: Golden, Silver, or Bronze (there are others, these ratios are the most used). Provide the known dimension, either the short side or long side and press calculate, and the app will provide the other proportion of the ratio you have selected.

You can view the results of the calculation in inches (well, feet too), centimeters, or millimeters dynamically, just select how you would like to view the results.

Please keep in mind that I chose to round up the result to the nearest 10th as this app is designed to provide a value to meet the eye rather than an engineering exactitude.

The Golden Ratio does a simple task, and you do not need access to the Internet to use it!

Happy Woodworking!

Holy Cross Guide App

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The Holy Cross Guide app is designed to give a 30,000--foot view of our ministries and campus at Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Castro Valley California. It is not intended to be all-encompassing, there are numerous pictures and text content about our ministries and programs on the Holy Cross Web site.

The notes pages on the app provide a secure place to jot down your thoughts and questions about that particular program, ministry or space. The Realm database that contains these personal notes is stored on the phone and at no time is ever uploaded to an online server by the app.

Golden Ratio
Holy Cross Guide

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